Art Making is all about having fun........


As a self taught artist and staying true to my artistic visions, my work is largely about the automatic process and organic thinking. While exploring different media my method incorporates inspired scribbling, deliberate interpretations of bizarre mark making and intuition of form to create deconstructed characters that are then stitched back together in a transformative layers. In a metaphorical sense the anthropomorphic characters I create are often displayed in potentially flat, ambiguous or fanciful environments. 

This layering of the human-animal form is imbued with a love of nature, color, ornamentation, patterning, mythology and a curious intermixing of dark humor set by the tone of music. I create story with these characters by using color, shape, texture and form. Abstractly, I am drawn to the little idiosyncrasies of stitching, knots, dots, circles, buttons, striped things, zippers, spirals and scribbles. These motions consistently make it’s way into my art as a very definitive style.


“One must make Art as if ones hair is on fire!”

“I pray that the hidden power within me may be released. I pray that I may not imprison the spirit that is within me”

-twenty-four hours a day

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”